The Constituencies Development Fund was created by the Constituencies Development Fund Act, 2003 with the primary objective of addressing poverty at the grassroots level by dedicating a minimum
of 2.5% of the Government’s ordinary revenue to grassroots development and the reduction of poverty. The fund is managed by the National Government Constituencies Development Fund Board (NGCDFB).

Following Kenya’s adoption of the 2010 Constitution, the CDF Act 2003(as amended in 2007) was repealed and replaced with the CDF Act 2013 which is aligned with the constitution of Kenya 2010. The enactment of the CDF Act 2013 was mainly aimed to ensure that the law governing CDF is aligned to the Constitution of Kenya 2010, specifically in compliance with the principles of;

  • Transparency and accountability
  • Separation of power and
  • Participation of the people

Projects Fundable by CDF​

The eligible projects fundable by NG-CDF as stipulated in section 24 of the NG-CDF (Amendment) Act, 2016 as those that are in:

  • Respect for works and services falling within the functions of the National Government under the constitution
  • Must be community-based to ensure that the prospective benefits are available to a widespread cross-section of the inhabitants of a particular area.
  • Education sector including bursaries, new classrooms, and rehabilitation of schools
  • Security sector e.g., DCC and ACC office, police post, chiefs’ and assistant chief offices, etc.

Projects Not Funded By CDF Include

  • Projects supporting religious bodies or religious activities 
  • Projects supporting political bodies or political activities
  • Recurrent costs of completed projects
  •  Personal awards
  • Projects targeting a specific club or group of people to the exclusion of others
  • Projects addressing devolved functions as outlined in the fourth schedule of the constitution of Kenya